x1 205/50R17 93H M+S PIRELLI SOTTO ZERO RSC RUNFLAT *4MM!!* (665)
October 3, 2017
x1 225/55R17 101V M+S UNIROYAL MS PLUS 66 *6.5MM!!* (546)
October 3, 2017

x1 225/45R17 91H M+S UNIROYAL MS PLUS 66 *6.4MM!!* (598)



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This tyre still has a minimum of 6.4MM of tread remaining.

Any punctures/defects to report: Tyre has been puncture repaired and tyre is also stepping

*An additional delivery charge may be required for orders of 2 tyres or more to areas outside of mainland United Kingdom.

598 MOR K


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