The Baig family has been in business for over 19 years, and importing new tyres now accounts for a significant part of our business. At Baig Tyres, we pride ourselves in offering a all inclusive professional service at the lowest price possible, by acting as an agent between our customers and the distributors. We are able to offer you a cost effective way of stocking your inventory by shipping quality tyres directly from the Far East straight to your door. We have highly reputable agents located in China who source our high-quality tyres, and we then take care of the most essential elements of the service we provide, by integrating shipping, customs and transportation into one complete package.

We understand that importing from China often creates great uncertainty for customers, and we have therefore invested a lot of time and attention in ensuring that the distributors we deal with are bonified and reliable, for both our own satisfaction and our customers. In order to guarantee great service and products, checks must be made by people who understand the industry, and our experience in this field of business provides us with just that.

We import and supply many different brands of excellent mid-range and economy tyres. All tyres that we supply are E.U approved and certificated, so high standards and quality are always guaranteed.

As our customers will be purchasing an entire service, it will enable you to become a lot more competitive which will therefore increase your business revenue. Our promise to provide high quality tyres at the cheapest possible prices will no doubt guarantee your business to grow and constantly stay competitive with all other tyre businesses. Although we are constantly encouraging the growth of our own business, customer satisfaction and loyalty is a primary concern of ours, so providing a dedicated service to our customers will be of paramount importance at all times.

In response to extensive research into shipping, we are able to negotiate competitive freight rates for freight forwarding, and arrange fast and efficient transport.
In order for our customers to understand how our all inclusive service operates, below is a simple breakdown of the costing process…